3-Point Sprayer Buyer's Guide

About 3-Point Sprayers

3-point sprayers are extremely useful in a variety of horticulture and agriculture applications. They connect to the 3-point hitch on a tractor to spray larger areas such as golf courses, athletic fields, pastures, crop fields and acre-plus lawns.

There are three categories of tractor hitches. Make sure you know which one your tractor has before selecting a 3-point sprayer; doing so will help you avoid purchasing an incompatible 3-point sprayer.

Most 3-point sprayers connect to the tractor's PTO (power take-off) to draw tractor engine horsepower to power the sprayer pump. Those that don't often have an electric-driven pump.

Sprayers that connect to a PTO have a roller pump, which allows for the spraying of different types of materials. The superior pump components found on this type of sprayer stand up well to harsher chemicals such as glyphosate, the standard ingredient found in Roundup.

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