Carhartt Jacket Guide

Choose the Right Carhartt Shell, Lining, and Rainwear

Constructed from durable outer materials and paired with one of several different linings, Carhartt offers outerwear for every person and every season. Choose the right workwear for your needs—on and off the job site. To shop for workwear made of specific material, click on the links located under each material's description.


Cotton duck is the most popular and versatile shell fabric for Carhartt outerwear. The cotton-poly blend of the QuickDuck canvas is a lightweight option. And, as the name implies, the Cordura nylon in the Extremes series is well-suited for severe conditions.

Carhartt's duck line is made from heavyweight, 12-oz., 100% cotton duck fabric that is tightly woven with no gaps where the yarns interlace—a feature that makes it wind and snag-resistant. Cotton duck is known for its quality, durability, and comfort. The cotton duck Carhartt uses in its outerwear has several different finishes, each with its own distinct characteristics.

Fabric Types
Firm Duck Fabric
Firm Duck
Made from unwashed and untreated cotton duck with double-plied yarn for extra durability. Features a stiff, non-broken-in feel. This hard-wearing, traditional canvas resists snags and tears.
Durable 1.75-ounce 100% nylon CORDURA® fabric shell is lighter than most t-shirts. Features a water-repellent coating that shrugs off light rain and snow. CORDURA® fabric offers resistance to tears, scuffs, and abrasions.
Washed Duck
Made from cotton duck fabric that has been washed with detergent and softeners (but not micro-sanded) and has a broken-in feel. It shrinks less than non-prewashed canvas.
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Quick Duck Fabric Softshell Fabric
Quick Duck
60% cotton duck and 40% polyester canvas blend that creates a lightweight and water-repellent finish. This material is lightweight, but just as tough.
Garments in the Extremes line have shells made from 1000 denier Cordura Plus nylon by DuPont. The Extremes fabric is 10x more durable than Carhartt's traditional cotton duck. The material is tough and abrasion resistant, and it will stand up to repeated contact with sharp metal edges, stone blocks or barbed wire.
Softshell garments have a durable nylon shell with a water-repellent finish and are lined with polyester fleece. It's a combination that makes the lightweight clothing both windproof and breathable.
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Carhartt offers multiple linings for its outerwear, but the best lining for you depends on the weather conditions and activity.

Carhartt Linings
Thermal Lining Fleece Lining Blanket Lining
Thermal Lining
Thermal lining features a warm and lightweight, 100% polyester weave with about the same thickness as a flannel shirt. It is Carhartt's thinnest insulation.
Fleece Lining
Fleece lining is a lightweight, 100% polyester insulation, slightly thicker than a thermal lining and a good choice for active work.
Blanket Lining
Blanket lining is a medium-weight acrylic-polyester blend insulation in stripes or plaid with the texture and feel of a blanket. It is slightly thicker than fleece lining.
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Nylon Quilt Lining Sherpa Lining Quilt Flannel Lining
Nylon Quilt Lining
Nylon quilt lining is either red or black quilted nylon taffeta with a lightweight polyester fill. It is thicker than the blanket lining but not bulky.
Sherpa Lining
Sherpa lining is a thick, soft pile lining made from 100% polyester high-loft fleece. It is warm but lightweight and thicker than the nylon quilt lining. It also helps wick moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable.
Quilt Flannel Lining
Quilt flannel lining features brushed polyester tricot quilted to a medium-weight polyester insulation. With the feel of a soft flannel shirt, it is thicker than the Sherpa lining.
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Arctic-Grade Quilt Lining
Arctic-Grade Quilt Lining
Arctic-grade quilt lining is nylon taffeta quilted to heavy, high-loft polyester insulation to make it Carhartt's warmest and thickest lining. Outerwear with the Arctic-grade quilt lining is a popular choice for outdoor work in frigid winters.
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Work doesn't stop when it's pouring down rain… nor does play. Maintaining its long-standing traditions of quality and durability, Carhartt offers a full line of rainwear to keep you dry in the wettest conditions.

Carhartt Rainwear Technologies
Rain Defender Storm Defender
Rain Defender
Rain Defender outerwear has a durable, water-repellent finish that makes it resistant to rain, mist and snow. Moisture simply beads up and rolls off the outer material of your jacket, sweatshirt, overalls, pants and other apparel, keeping you dry and comfortable. Rain Defender clothing is made to last and retains 70% of its water-repellent strength.
Storm Defender
Rugged and lightweight Storm Defender rainwear combines a waterproof, breathable membrane with watertight seams to protect you from the rain on the outside and keep you comfortable on the inside. Storm Defender technology stops precipitation but allows sweat to escape.
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