Chainsaw Chaps vs. Chainsaw Pants

Why is it important?

Occupations such as logging, landscaping, farming, and grounds maintenance, where power tools like chainsaws are used, have some of the highest incidences of injuries. Not only is there a greater chance of injury, but because of the dangerous nature of the tools involved, injuries are often more severe. Choose chainsaw protection to make the hard work safer. Learn the advantages of chainsaw chaps and chainsaw pants here.

Safety First!

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a must when it comes to minimizing injuries when using chainsaws. PPE for chainsaws typically consists of hard hats, safety glasses, face shields, hearing protection, safety footwear, and leg protection. Leg protection for chainsaw users comes in the form of chainsaw chaps or chainsaw pants.

OSHA recommends in 1910.266(d)(1)(iv): "The employer shall provide, at no cost to the employee, and assure that each employee who operates a chain saw wears leg protection constructed with cut-resistant material, such as ballistic nylon. The leg protection shall cover the full length of the thigh to the top of the boot on each leg to protect against contact with a moving chainsaw."

Leg protection is available in a variety of forms, including chaps and logger pants. The protective material also comes in several fabrics including ballistic nylon, polyester, Kevlar, and other para-aramid fibers.

Chainsaw Chaps


• Chaps are quicker to get on and off, and for this reason, are a favorite of workers who may have to jump in the truck for a long ride home.

• Chaps are also cooler to wear because of the open-back design.

• Chainsaw chaps are made of water-repellent materials that don't soak up rain and snow, leaving you dry and comfortable while on the job.

• Because of the ease of on/off, chainsaw chaps are more convenient for workers to share, making them an economical choice.


• Some people find that chaps can get in the way and may be cumbersome while climbing a tree or getting in and out of a UTV

• Straps or buckles left hanging may catch on brush.

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Chainsaw Pants


• Chainsaw pants are designed with climbers in mind. Wearers can put pants on and leave them on full time.

• More comfortable and involve no tweaking, adjusting, or complaining.

• The design provides all-round protection (not just the front of the leg).

• Most pants are not heavy or restrictive.


• Some claim they get sweaty wearing this type of pants all day long.

• Others feel these protective pants are too binding while at work.

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