FELCO Pruner Buyer's Guide

FELCO Pruner Buyer's Guide

FELCO has a wide range of tools to cover any pruning need, plus sizing and ergonomic features for any user. Learn what sets one model apart from another and choose the tool that's right for you and your crew.

Classic FELCO Pruners Ergonomic FELCO Pruners FELCO snips
FELCO Classic Pruners

FELCO's Most Popular Pruners. Great for everyday use on and off the job.

FELCO Ergonomic Pruners

Ergonomic Pruners for Power Users. Durable and designed for comfort for all-day use.


Harvesting Snips for Fine Work. Trim and snip fruits, vegetables, and delicate plants without causing damage.

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FELCO Loppers Electric Pruners Parts & Accessories
FELCO Loppers

For two-handed, tough jobs. Trim plants, bushes, and shrubs with ease.

FELCO Electric Pruners

Perfect for power, productivity, and speed. Complete large pruning projects without breaking a sweat.

Parts and Accessories

Repair, don't Replace. Blades, springs, bolt kits, and more available.

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hand measurement diagram

Hand Sizing

Many FELCO pruners are designed with the user's hand size in mind. Measure from the tip of the fingers to the base of the palm. The suggested sizing is listed with each pruner.

Small: 6⅞″ or shorter
Medium: 6⅞″ – 7⅞″
Large: 7⅞″ or longer

Classic Pruners

FELCO’s classic pruners are ideal for almost any use case, and are perfect for outfitting a diverse crew. Trim plants, trees, and shrubs up to 1" in diameter with ease.

FELCO 2 Pruner with Free Sharpener FELCO 4 basic hand pruner FELCO 11 Narrow Blade Hand Pruner


FELCO's most popular pruner style. Great for first-time FELCO buyers. 1" cutting capacity.


FELCO's basic hand pruner. Durable and high-quality, but with the most basic features. 1" cutting capacity.


Narrower, pointed blade for cutting close to branches and tree trunks. 1" cutting capacity.

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Ergonomic Pruners

For all day pruning tasks. The features of the ergonomic pruners will reduce arm and wrist fatigue. They are shaped specifically for left or right handed users (see size chart above) along with curved handle forms.

Several models include a rotating handle, preferred by some users for extra comfort.

Fixed Handle

Delivers traditional motion as you squeeze with ergonomic comfort.

FELCO 8 Ergonomic Hand Pruner FELCO 6 Ergonomic Hand Pruner FELCO 14 Ergonomic Small Hand Pruner


Right-handed, ergonomic pruner perfect for precise, effortless cuts. Comfortable grip for large pruning jobs. 1" cutting capacity.


The FELCO 6 features shorter blades for cutting close to flower and herb stems, or vines. 0.8" cutting capacity.


A smaller, ergonomic pruner that packs maximum power. Easy to handle with a comfortable grip. 0.7" cutting capacity.

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Rotating Handle

Handle rotates as you squeeze to reduce hand and arm fatigue.

FELCO 7 Ergonomic Rotating Handle Hand Pruner FELCO 12 Ergonomic Rotating Handle Hand Pruner FELCO 15 Ergonomic Rotating Handle Small Hand Pruner


Comfortable pruning for prolonged use. Right-handed pruner with rotating handle that requires up to 30% less effort. 1" cutting capacity.


Great for frequent, fine pruning designed to fit small hands. Rotating handle reduces hand fatigue and blisters. 0.8" cutting capacity.


Perfect for compact pruning jobs. The rotating handle provides excellent maneuverability. 0.7" cutting capacity.

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Left Handed Pruners

Lefties need love too. Designed for hardworking left-handed pros.

FELCO 9 Ergonomic Left-Handed Pruner FELCO 10 Ergonomic Rotating Handle Left-Handed Pruner FELCO 17 Ergonomic Rotating Handle Left-Handed Pruner


Designed for left-handed users. Durable pruner that leaves clean, effortless cuts. 1" cutting capacity.


Comfortable swivel handle reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use. 1" cutting capacity.


Designed for left-handed pros. Great for making clean and precise cuts. Rotating handle reduces effort. 0.8" cutting capacity.

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Picking and Trimming Snips

FELCO's narrow-bladed snips are designed for harvesting flowers and fruits or vegetables with more delicate stems. Special features include longer blades to get around leaves and other stems, and curved blades to get closer to fruits without damage.

FELCO 320 Harvesting Snips FELCO 321 Harvesting Snips FELCO 322 Long Reach Harvesting Snips

Lightweight and compact ergonomic pruner perfect for trimming fruit, vegetable, and flower stems.Features a curved blade with rounded ends.


The perfect pruner for nuseries and greenhouses. Features a straight blade with rounded ends.


Lightweight and compact harvesting snips with the longest reach in FELCO's range. Great for cutting fruit, vegetable, and flower stalks with the most precision.

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FELCO 310 Picking and Trimming Snips FELCO 300 Picking and Trimming Snips

This unique needle nose shape allows for precise cuts when pruning flowers and harvesting grapes.


Great for clean cuts to flowers, herbs, and fruits. The lightweight handles reduce hand fatigue with an easy lock feature for performance and safety.

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Specialized Pruners

FELCO is known for creating tools that fit specific needs, and their goal is to provide solution-based tools for its users.

FELCO 31 Anvil Pruner FELCO 13 Long-Handled one or two hand Pruner FELCO 100 Cut-and-Hold Hand Pruner


This pruner makes a clean cut, rather than just sqeezing branches and stems. Takes less effort than bypass pruners. 1" cutting capacity on dead and woody material.


Extra-long handles of the FELCO 13 allow for easy cuts on thick branches and improved leverage. 1.18" cutting capacity.


Saves your back from aches and pains caused by bending over to pick up pruned material. Great for cutting hardwood and green material. 0.38" cutting capacity.

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FELCO Loppers

Gemplers’ assortment of FELCO loppers are designed with the heavy-duty, professional user in mind. Engineered for optimum performance that lets the tool do the bulk of the work and designed to be the last loppers you’ll ever buy.

FELCO 211 Curved Lopper FELCO 22 Forged Aluminum Lopper FELCO 220 Lever-Action Lopper


Durable and dependable choice for any pruning task. Designed for orchards, fruit trees, and landscaping jobs that require a long reach. Available in 27.6", 31.5", and 35.4" lengths.


Your superior two-handed pruning tool. Solid, forged metal handles provide long life and lightweight. Anvil blade with a cutting capacity of 1.5". 33" in length.


Cam-assisted lopper reduces fatigue to help you accomplish more. Bypass cutting head, perfect for live branches and vines. 1.63" cutting capacity. 31.5" in length.

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FELCO Electric Pruners

Take pruning to the next level with FELCO battery-powered pruners. These pruners feature a comfortable grip, ultra-ergonomic carrying pack with leather holster, and a lightweight lithium battery. Perform large-scape pruning tasks with ease on orchards and vineyards. Use the FELCO app to monitor battery life, cutting stats, and customize the cutting modes.

Available in a double capacity battery model.

FELCO 822 Electric Pruner Kit with Standard Capacity Battery

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Gemplers has parts and accessories to help you tools last a lifetime and beyond.

FELCO Replacement Springs FELCO 2 Replacement Nut and Bolt Kit FELCO Blades

FELCO Replacement Springs

Keeping your pruners in working condition. Replacement springs come in a pack of two and are compatible with FELCO 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 100. and 160.

FELCO 2 Replacement Bolt and Nut Kit

Keep your F2 in top shape with this replacement nut and bolt set. Includes center bolt, screw, nut, and locking segment.

FELCO Replacement Blade

Keep your cuts precise and sharp with FELCO pruner replacement blades. Available for a variety of your favorite FELCO tools.

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FELCO Accessories

Accessories from FELCO will help you keep your pruners sharp and safe with our selection of sharpening stones and leather holsters for your FELCO pruners.

FELCO Holster FELCO Diamond Coated Sharpener FELCO Tool Spray

FELCO Holsters

Keep your FELCO pruner safe until you are ready to use it on the job. FELCO leather holsters feature a high-tension metal belt clip.

FELCO Sharpeners

FELCO sharpening stones will keep your tools ready to prune. These easy-to-use sharpeners help extend the life of your pruners.

FELCO Tool Spray

FELCO's tool spray will extend the life and performance of your pruners. This spray removes sap, lubricates blades, and protects your pruners from rust.

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For a more in-depth guide to cleaning and caring for your FELCO pruners, visit this guide from felco.com.

FELCO pruners are the #1 pick for professionals. Shop Gemplers for FELCO pruners, loppers, saws, electric pruners, and more.

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