Waterproof Gloves Buyer's Guide

Waterproof Gloves Guide

Choosing the right waterproof gloves can help you maintain your grip, avoid chafing and chapping and protect your hands from harsh chemicals and conditions. They can also protect hands from scalding during food production or cleaning tasks.

Good Better Best
Product Image Product Image Product Image
Gemplers Latex-Coated Work Gloves Sugar River® by Gemplers Lined Double Coated Hydroflector Gloves Gemplers Insulated Waterproof Pigskin Gloves with Knit Wrist
Excellent performance at an economical price Double-coated nitrile with sandy nitrile palm keeps you dry fingertip to wrist, front and back Pigskin outer stays soft and supple even after getting wet
Field-tested by pros to make sure they live up to your standards Waterproof lined thermal knit shell Three layers of waterproofing seal out moisture
Knit material is soft, yet durable, conforming to your hand to maintain dexterity and grip 7-gauge soft acrylic inside locks in warmth, wicks moisture Heatkeep® lining is the warmest insulation material on the market